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Ron helped me to buy flat 2 years ago, and it was a super positive experience. Everything went smoothly, starting from getting initial requirements to narrow search, to final handover. I can only wish that all Berlin services were close to service that Ron provides.

Anna Levshina

In the summer of 2022 my mother and I decided to buy a flat in Berlin. Considering the competitive housing market, being a non-German speaking foreigner and most of all new to the German system (which as we all know is heavily bureaucratic and intimidating; especially for a first-time property owner in the city). We managed to find a beautiful flat, close the deal, go through the purchasing process, paperwork, handover, renovation and move in within a record breaking speed of about 4 months! And to be quite frank. This would never have been possible without the help of Ron and the services that he provides. For anyone who is going through this experience and is in need of a trustworthy guide, support system,advisor, friend! Think of Ron sort of like your fairy Godmother.

Charme Matwi

I recently worked with Ron (brilliant real estate agent and renovation manager) who exceeded all of my expectations. He was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, always going above and beyond to ensure that I found the perfect property and that all of the renovations were completed to my satisfaction. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I had, and he helped to make the entire process of buying a property and renovating it as stress-free as possible. I highly recommend Ron to anyone in the market for a new home or looking to renovate their current property. He is an expert in his field, dedicated to providing the best possible service to his clients. So far, his experience is confirmed by more than 11 years in renovations (more than 400 projects in Berlin), and with more than five years in the Berlin real estate market (more than 40 deals closed), buying and selling.

Dmitry Krinitsyn

Ron helped me to purchase an apartment in Berlin and was truly with me every step of the way. As a new expat to Berlin the property purchasing process was completely new and I don't know how I would've done it without Ron's help. Ron went with me to every apartment viewing, he always prepped me before with what we should look for, and made sure I didn't miss any opportunity to ask questions and get all the information I needed at each viewing. Additionally, we did a renovation on the apartment I purchased, and as the renovation project manager he was always on top of every detail. Ron made sure that I had the freedom to make all my own decisions and really made sure I knew it was my renovation, but at the same time was completely with me and any time I didn't know how to make a decision, was confused or unsure he was right there to walk me through it while being super patient. Even once the reno was done he went above and beyond to help me with final touches to settle into my apartment. I can't thank him enough for being with me through every step of my purchase and move (even through the holidays). He's a true professional.

Emily Jaser

I hired Ron to help me with an apartment renovation project. He took care of the entire renovation, hiring contractors, sharing ideas on what can be done, getting supplies, everything. I didn't even need to visit the apartment except in the beginning and when everything was all done. The project wasn't considered finished until every single thing in the renovated apartment was delivered as exactly planned, even when there were small snags (as there always are in a renovation), Ron made sure to take the time to get everything perfect. Additionally, everything worked within the timeline he had late out originally. I sincerely appreciated not just his work, but his great communication skills -- he was always accessible when I had questions, and was able to respond to any concerns quickly and professionally. If I needed his services, I would hire Ron again in an instant and would wholeheartedly recommend him as a project manager to others.

Etel Sverdlov

Ron is a highly skilled and competent project manager. He recently helped me with both a flat renovation project and a flat hunting project, and I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to manage both tasks seamlessly. He has a keen eye for detail, and he ensured that every aspect of the renovation was taken care of, from sourcing the right materials to ensuring that the work was completed on time and within budget. He also made the flat hunting process effortless and stress-free. He listened to my requirements and found me the perfect flat, which met all of my criteria. Overall, I would highly recommend Ron to anyone looking for a top-notch project manager. He has exceptional skills and a deep understanding of what it takes to manage a successful project from start to finish.

Fabio R.

I've approached Berlin's real estate market with zero knowledge, and almost no German, only knowing that I wanted to find an apartment, and move in within the next 9 months (easy, isn't it?). I chose IR-Immobilien, among a few alternatives, because their offer was clear and transparent from the beginning, I liked their practical approach, and I never had a reason to regret my choice. They took me through every step in a professional and extremely responsive way (apartment search, contracts explanation, helping with mortgage and notary). If you're looking to buy an apartment, and even if you are fluent with German, I really suggest to get in touch with them.

Francesco Lodolo

Before I met Ron I was totally discouraged by the Berlin real estate market. I thought we'd never find a place. Luckily, after connecting with him from a friend's referral, he totally turned our story around and helped us buy the perfect apartment in the best location for our family. He came along to every viewing with us, sniffed out potential red flags and hidden costs (stuff I wouldn't even know to check), and instructed us what would be possible or not with renovation, always helping us understand the risks and potential. After closing, he went from buying to building mode and leveraged his network to project manage quick, quality renovation work in our place. Throughout the entire process, he was also my zen master, making sure we always kept cool and didn't stress out about anything. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Marks

We highly recommend these guys. They made the complicated process of finding and buying a property in Germany as stress free as possible. We had the added complication that one of us is not a fluent German speaker and they were experienced enough to help us manage this problem with ease. We felt fully supported throughout the whole process. From the enthusiastic beginning of trying to find the right property for our budget; to the viewing of the properties and providing their expert advice on the possible problems with the buildings; to knowing what additional charges would also be expected in addition to the sale prices was a huge help with managing our budget. Then the concluding part of arranging of the mortgage and all the other documents required for the purchase. Having these guys help us with the buying process really helped to reduce the stress and sudden surprises that occur during this procedure.😘

Karen Reding

Best end to end service in town to research, find and purchase your desired property in Berlin

Matteo Berzoini

Ron has been super helpful in finding our apartmznt in Berlin. He understood well our requirements and quickly put up a list of apartments for us. He was super reactive to our feedback on it and able to update it on a regular basis. His knowledge of construction was also a great help during the visits to advise on the required renovation. We purchased the second apartment that he and his partner presented to us (that shows about how well he understood us and targeted the search!). The apartment needed full renovation, and having him around to advise was definitely of great help!

Morgane Andrien

Ron is a very professional guy, he really helped me out in the process of buying an apartment. His knowledge helped me to avoid doing mistakes, and understand better my situation. I really appreciate him and hoping to work with him in the future.

Nadav Refaeli

Ron helped me with the flat search process which led to a great finding, ron was profesional hard working and always reacable.

Ori b.

Just wanted to recommend this guys after a fast and clean process of buying a flat in Berlin, the guys are super professional and friendly, they did everything in a super nice and informative way and made this dream of buying a flat in Berlin happen! Fully recommend !

Roey Biran

Thanks Ron for all the professional assistance throughout a complex project. Very helpful, quick and experienced guy! Mostly appreciated and highly recommended 👌

Uzi Shtivi

Great real estate solutions, from searching, supporting, managing renovation, Ron helps us to buy our own apartment in Berlin! I can recommend his services and his dedication anytime.

Valentin Pouget

Ron is knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about finding the perfect home for his clients. I highly recommend Rosenthal Solutions to anyone in the market for a new home in Berlin.

Wei Sun

Professional, reliable and knowledgeable! Ron was incredibly helpful throughout my real estate purchasing journey. What he excelled in was a lot of in depth knowledge when it comes to the structure itself. When visiting properties with him, I felt very safe to have a professional set of eyes that will detect any possible current or future issues with the property. Furthermore, he was extremely kind and flexible and I had the feeling that he really put me first as a customer. If you are thinking about buying an apartment in Berlin and looking for someone to save you time and headaches, Ron is your guy!

Ziv Saban
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